Perlon Wires

The perlon cord is virtually invisible and in conjunction with the Smart or Mini Spring hook is this taxable to 4 kg and the Zipper or PHS self-locking ratchet hook to 15 kg per cord.

Perlon Wires

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Perlon wire is especially popular because it has two important properties. It is very strong and yet barely visible. However, such a suspension wire cannot be fitted to the rail without being attached. The rail you choose or have chosen largely determines the type of attachment you can use.

The Twister mount is a brilliant find. It can be used with all rail types with an opening at the bottom. You can insert the Twister at the bottom of the rails - anywhere you want - and then only have to turn it half a turn to lock it. The removal is of course in reverse order.

The Cobra mounting requires a suitable rail. The Cobra can therefore easily be clicked into the rail at the bottom. The Loop confirmation listens less critically. The loop attachment can be used wherever there is a hook, in a rail or on a wall. Finally, the hook attachment can be used with a so-called Classic or Galerie rail. When ordering, you can choose from the corresponding versions and length and possibly other accessories for each type of attachment.