Picture Hanging Wires

Picture hanging wires or picture hanging cords for a picture hanging are available in perlon- or steel wire. A hanging wire with a Twister head can be inserted anywhere in the rail.

Picture Hanging Wires

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Picture Hanging wires

A painting suspension system consists of a suspension rail in which suspension wires with suspension hooks can be placed.

The latest development for all suspension rails is the Twister glider system. Twister offers the most logical and user-friendly way of hooking up the suspension wire into the rail: screw in, click and ready.

A painting can be hung on the wall at any desired location, because the Twister can be clicked anywhere in the rail. For all Artiteq and Newly hanging systems, Twister can be chosen on perlon, steel wire or on rod.

The perlon and steel wire suspension wires with Twister are available in 1 mm or 2 mm thickness and in lengths ranging from 100 cm to 500 cm.