Suspended Ceiling Hooks

These suspended or dropped ceiling hooks are very relaible and are ideally suited for use with in-store promtions or in any office. Availble as a screw, click, magnetic or self-adhesive option.

Suspended Ceiling Hooks

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System Ceiling Hooks

Are you planning to hang something not on the wall but somewhere in the middle of a room on the suspended ceiling?

Then using suspended ceiling hooks is the best solution for you. The use of suspended ceiling hooks is the solution for schools, hospitals, offices, shops and factories, but is also very useful for marketing and promotional purposes.

What are suspended ceiling hooks?

System ceiling hooks come in all shapes and sizes. We can divide it into four categories:

  • Screw mounting: These ceiling hooks are screwed into the ceiling tiles that can hang in the aluminum as well as an iron frame of a system ceiling. We also recommend screw mounting for use on sloping walls.
  • Magnetic mounting: Of course for use with ceiling frames made of iron and perfect for use with promotional material and posters with the great advantage that it is easy to move thanks to the magnet.
  • Click mounting: Ceiling hooks with click mounting are mounted on or around the iron strips of the suspended ceiling frame, both for iron and aluminum frames and recommended when the displays, placards or posters, etc. need more bearing capacity.
  • Self-adhesive mounting: With this system you can easily hang various objects on both an iron and aluminum frame by means of the self-adhesive adhesive layer on the ceiling eyes. You can then attach all kinds of hooks and wires to the eye.

Order your suspended ceiling hooks online or get free advice

Whatever you want to hang, we have a suitable and easy solution. If you are still in doubt which suspension system is best for you, please call for advice or contact us by e-mail.