Museum Gallery Hooks

Hang your wall decorations from partition walls or a Picture Dado Rail without installing a metal Picture Hanging Rail. Available in 2 sizes and 3 colours.

Museum Gallery Hooks

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These are hooks, which are mainly used in rooms where art objects have to be changed regularly, so that the hooks must be easily placed and movable.

Wall decorations can be hung with the help of these hooks on dividing walls and wooden Kantlat Rails.  The sliding hooks are available in two versions. GeckoTeq supplies a Slide Hook that slides into the side of the rail and an In-Click Hook that can be attached to the desired location.

When making your choice, make sure that you choose the correct matching rail for all these hooks. If a rail is already present, you should be attentive to order the correct hook size.

A small and a large hook are available for the Museum of Gallery hooks, each in three colours.

As with many attributes that you want to hang, you should always pay attention to the maximum load capacity. When choosing accessories, remember that you select another wire with a loop.