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Tapestry Rail 200cm white incl. 2 Velcro strips - icw the Artiteq Click Rail Pro

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How to Hang a Wall Tapestry

Tapestries can be beautiful decorations for rooms and walls that need something a little extra. They can also add texture to walls and dampen noise. Even though tapestries cannot break if they fall, they still look better if hung properly. There are many different ways to hang tapestries but no matter which method you choose, with a few steps you will have a lovely tapestry hanging on your wall in no time!

Hang a wall tapestry by using Velcro and a hanging rail:
Use Velcro for an easily alterable method for hanging the tapestry. Velcro is an adaptable method, which allows you to change the locations of the tapestries from time to time. Velcro is also particularly useful when hanging tapestries on curved walls because it conforms to the wall on which it is mounted. Many museum curators for tapestries prefer this method.

Use the Perfect Hanging Systems Tapestry hanging rail. Cut the Rail and the Velcro so that is the slightly shorter than the width of your tapestry. You will need both sides of the Velcro so they can attach together.

Sew the soft, fuzzy side of the Velcro to the rear side of the tapestry. Use heavy cotton buttonhole thread to sew the fuzzy side of the Velcro to the back top edge of the tapestry. Make sure you sew over at least two warp threads with each stitch so that it is strong enough for hanging.Make sure the thread is the same color as one of the dominant colors in your tapestry so that it blends in.
You can also machine stitch the Velcro to a canvas strip first and then hand stitch the strip to the tapestry in the same way. This provides extra stiffness and support for the tapestry to hang straight.

Attach the rough side of the Velcro to the Hanging Rail. The rail should be slightly shorter than the width of the tapestry.

Secure the rail to the wall using the Click and Connect clips, plugs and screws. Purchase the required Click and Connect clips (6 per 2 meter rail) and secure the rail to the wall.

Attach the tapestry to the rail using the Velcro. Simply press the Velcro on the tapestry against the Velcro attached to the rail to secure. Make sure there are no bumps and that the tapestry is hung straight.

Hanging from a Picture Hanging Rail. However if you don’t want to drill holes in the middle of your wall., you can also suspend the Tapestry Rail from a Picture Hanging Rail with two wires with two Artiteq mounting Nipples.

This rail is 200 cm long and has a weight-carrying capacity of 20 kg per meter.


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