Suspension Cable System

Especially created for Estate- and Travel Agents for optimal wall- and window presentation. Change the content of the perspex panels quickly and easily and combine them in any horizontal or vertical presentation combination.

Suspension Cable System

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Tension cable systems from Display It: professional and well-arranged.

With the Display It presentation system you can present your announcements or documents professionally and clearly.

Various sizes of perspex frames (A3, A4 and A6) are also possible. The plastic frames of the system are easy to assemble and move to the correct height.

Thanks to the E-clip for Display It, the contents of the plastic frames can be changed within seconds.

This also makes it easy to link the lists to each other, making a horizontal and vertical presentation possible.

This presentation system is extremely suitable for real estate and is frequently used as a 'face wall' for departments in hospitals and other institutions.

Display It Economy can be fixed to the wall or used in combination with our picture hanging systems. Changing photos is done in no time with this tension cable system.