Rail Cornices

Here you will find all the picture hanging cornices you may require.

Rail Cornices

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Artiteq takes the cake in Cornices. The basis is the Deco rail that is mounted on the wall. This is also called Ornament rail. That is also the rail on which you can hang the artworks, where you can choose from bars and wires made of Perlon or steel.

The cornice is attached to the Deco rail, so that the Deco rail disappears completely out of sight. This is a surprising and subtle way of hanging works of art, in which the transition from wall to ceiling also enriches the interior. You can choose from both modern and classic cornices.

In addition to the Cornice versions of Artiteq, you will also find a version of the Stas brand, with the option of painting lighting.

If you want to use the hidden hanging technique but want to make the cornice less emphatic, you can paint it in any desired color.