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Artiteq Card Rail White (incl. all mounting Materials & Endcaps)

Artiteq Card Rail White (incl. all mounting Materials & Endcaps)

7220110 / K8-R7

Our vertical Info Rail

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Artiteq Picture Mouse Magnets - in 2 colours €11.32
GeckoTeq PZ2 Screw Bit €0.99
GeckoTeq Bit holder €4.50
GeckoTeq Concrete Drill - 5x85mm €3.50
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Practical use of narrow pieces of wall

This vertical presentation system takes up little space, so it can be used in many places in an office or a house. The Card Rail is a suspension system for documents such as cards and photos. A handy means to collect and / or present documents.

Maps, photos and other documents can be slid on either side of the rail. The Mouse Magnets can be used on the front of the Card Rail. This presentation system can be a practical addition to the wall, especially in an office, kitchen or children's room.

The Card Rail has a sleek white version (RAL 9016) and a length of 114 cm. The Card Rail is mounted vertically on the wall. The Card Rail takes up little space and is therefore easy to place on narrow pieces of wall in various places in a house or office.

 Includes all mounting Materials and 4 white Mouse Magnets


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Wall mounting

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