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  • Artiteq


    ARTITEQ designs, develops and manufactures suspension concepts since 1995 and is located in Tilburg, Netherlands. Design, quality, flexibility, ease of use, service and value-for-money are key elements in the development of our picture hanging systems. It is important for ARTITEQ to anticipate trends and to take in account the growing concern for the environment of the consumers.

  • GeckoTeq
  • Newly


    Newly is a totally new concept in the world of picture hanging- and presentation systems. Hanging is an art and you should get the most out of it. The right combination of comfort, carrying capacity and invisibility provides the best way of hanging and presentation. Newly offers complete systems that ensure optimum performance and ease of use by new technologies and innovations

  • STAS


    In recent years, STAS picture hanging systems has confirmed its status as the world’s most innovative manufacturer of high-quality hanging systems time and time again. This web site presents numerous solutions that have been specially developed by STAS to help you hang your pictures safely, flexibly and elegantly. STAS’ leading position is underlined by the fact that it supplies art hanging systems to the most prestigious museums, galleries, universities and government bodies worldwide. However, STAS also offers excellent, tailored solutions for the complete range of picture hanging applications in the home.

    In short; STAS… the art of hanging art!