Ceiling mounting

A range of suspension devices with smart solutions for mounting on the ceiling

Ceiling mounting

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So many types of homes and buildings, so many types of ceilings. There is no “one size fits all” for aids that can be used for all types of ceilings. Whether it concerns a suspended ceiling, a wooden or a concrete ceiling, on which you want to hang lighting or acoustic panels, we offer you the most user-friendly solutions. In the overview above you will find screw, click, magnetic and loop assemblies.

In addition, alle-ophangsystemen.nl has access to top brands that together are good for all types of attachments. Because something always has to be attached to a ceiling in order to eventually hang LED lighting or acoustic panels.

Magnetic for suspended ceilings or self-clamping clamps; you will encounter solutions that you have never thought of before. Then it would be great if we can make your job surprisingly easier.