Bicycle, Tools & Skis Hanging

Products specially developed for easy and adaptable suspension of your bicycle, fishing rods, skis, skateboards or tools.

Bicycle, Tools & Skis Hanging

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Bicycles and tools often go hand in hand when it comes to salvage. A garage or else perhaps a shed, for these things you usually lack space. But don't worry, GeckoTeq thinks along with you, so that we can offer you numerous solutions for this storage problem.

The most ideal is the suspension rail. That means mounting once and then simply clicking on all types of suspension hooks. If you only want to hang 1 or 2 hooks, wall blocks are a good alternative, which you can attach at any desired location, on which the hooks can then be clicked into place.

You can choose from hooks for bicycles, tools, garden tools and even the garden hose. With this solution you also have a lot more floor space.